asymptotic method

asymptotic method
асимптотический метод

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  • Asymptotic analysis — This article is about the comparison of functions as inputs approach infinite. For asymptotes in geometry, see asymptotic curve. In mathematical analysis, asymptotic analysis is a method of describing limiting behavior. The methodology has… …   Wikipedia

  • Method of matched asymptotic expansions — In mathematics, particularly in solving singularly perturbed differential equations, the method of matched asymptotic expansions is a common approach to finding an accurate approximation to a problem s solution. Contents 1 Method overview 2… …   Wikipedia

  • Method of steepest descent — For the optimization algorithm, see Gradient descent. In mathematics, the method of steepest descent or stationary phase method or saddle point method is an extension of Laplace s method for approximating an integral, where one deforms a contour… …   Wikipedia

  • Asymptotic gain model — The asymptotic gain model [Middlebrook, RD: Design oriented analysis of feedback amplifiers ; Proc. of National Electronics Conference, Vol. XX, Oct. 1964, pp. 1 4] G {infin} T} . while in classical feedback theory, in terms of the open loop gain …   Wikipedia

  • Asymptotic equipartition property — In information theory the asymptotic equipartition property (AEP) is a general property of the output samples of a stochastic source. It is fundamental to the concept of typical set used in theories of compression.Roughly speaking, the theorem… …   Wikipedia

  • Akra-Bazzi method — In computer science, the Akra Bazzi method, or Akra Bazzi theorem, is used to analyze the asymptotic behavior of the mathematical recurrences that appear in the analysis of divide and conquer algorithms where the sub problems have substantially… …   Wikipedia

  • Penalty method — Penalty methods are a certain class of algorithms to solve constraint optimization problems. The penalty method replaces a constraint optimization problem by a series of unconstrained problems whose solutions must converge to the solution of the… …   Wikipedia

  • Monte Carlo method — Not to be confused with Monte Carlo algorithm. Computational physics …   Wikipedia

  • Hardy–Littlewood circle method — In mathematics, the Hardy–Littlewood circle method is one of the most frequently used techniques of analytic number theory. It is named for G. H. Hardy and J. E. Littlewood, who developed it in a series of papers on Waring s problem. Contents 1… …   Wikipedia

  • Delta method — In statistics, the delta method is a method for deriving an approximate probability distribution for a function of an asymptotically normal statistical estimator from knowledge of the limiting variance of that estimator. More broadly, the delta… …   Wikipedia

  • Poincaré-Lindstedt method — In perturbation theory, the Poincaré Lindstedt method, named after Henri Poincaré, [H. Poincaré, Les Méthodes Nouvelles de la Mécanique Célèste I, II, III (Dover Publ., New York,1957).] and Anders Lindstedt [A. Lindstedt, Abh. K. Akad. Wiss. St.… …   Wikipedia


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